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Ososim’s work in 2014 was truly global. At the last count people from around 85 different countries used our simulations during the year. But for Ososim Chief Executive, Jonathan Knight, one of the most unusual and interesting assignments was in the South Atlantic. Jonathan was asked by the UK’s Foreign Office and the Falkland Islands Government to undertake a review of the education and training needs for all islanders over the age of 16.

Lying 300 miles east of the Patagonian coast, this self-governing territory benefits from full employment and its’ economic prospects are fuelled by the discovery of oil and gas (oil prices permitting). However its population is small and geographically isolated. The review covered all employers, including government, as well as opportunities for maximising the career potential for all islanders.

Reviewing the needs of an entire community and projecting them forward under different scenarios was a fascinating experience. However despite the uniqueness of the Falkland Islands, some familiar issues emerged such as the benefits to be gained from greater collaboration, the need for more technical skills, and the need to move from a “check-list” approach to training, to more relevant, timely and experiential training.