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Digital transformation: business challenge or buzzword?

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The way we work has genuinely and significantly changed over the past few decades. The pace of change is increasing.

Disruption has become the norm.

‘Digital transformation’, ‘agile working’, ‘Industry 4.0’ – these phrases are certainly being talked about. But is digital transformation a genuine, real business challenge, or simply the latest corporate buzzword?

Our COO Elisa Alabaster spoke to HR Zone about what digital transformation means and how it is affecting organisations of all shapes and sizes.

“Digital transformation isn’t just about using cloud servers. It is about new products and services,new ways of being in business and new ways of thinking.”

In today’s digital world, our ways of working are catching up with what technology allows us to do. But does it need a radical rethink, or are we simply moving with the times?

You can read her article to find out more:

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